About Us

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The Adventures Of

Sky And Moochi

We are a happy family of  two mini wolves and human living in New York City, who are

trying to make the world a better place.

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Hi, my name is Sky

I'm a true Siberian husky with a lot of energy and the biggest heart. I love people and kids especially. Be careful when you meet me as I'll shower you with kisses.

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Hi, my name is Moochi

I'm a wooly husky with a goofy personality. I love making people laugh with my naughtiness. Receiving belly rubs is my favorite activity after hiking.

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Hi, my name is Katka

I moved to NYC where I met Sky & Moochi who became my best friends. I'm a writer model & actress, but most importantly a husky mom!  My favorite thing to do is to spread joy through storytelling.

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