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Hi, my name is Sky

Sky & Moochi

Hi, my name is Moochi

Sky & Moochi

Hi, my name is Katka

Sky Moochi Katka


I’m from Slovakia, which is a beautiful small country filled with castles and nature in the middle of Europe. Storytelling was always my passion and the reason why I became an author. This book was meant for my little niece Lara as she loves Sky & Moochi so much. As I was working on it I realized there aren’t many children’s books for young readers (5 to 9 years old). In this time & age, it’s hard to keep kids’ attention or get them excited about books. That’s why I created this interactive interactive children’s book series filled with QR codes. Kids can see our stories on social media or our website and read about them in our books. 

Moochi & Sky


I’m a wooly Siberian Husky with a goofy personality. I love belly rubs, running,  hiking and playing hide & seek. When it comes to food, you won’t find a pickier eater than me. Stubbornness is my middle name, but that’s just because I know what I like. I love my family so much that I even learned how to say “I love you” in human language.

The Adventures of Sky & Moochi
Sky & Moochi


I'm a true Siberian Husky with a lot of energy and the biggest heart you’ve ever seen. I love making people happy and showering them with kisses, especially kids. My favorite game is Tug o’war and fishing balls from the bottom of the pool. Food is my weakness and believe it or not I love asparagus and carrots. 

Sky & Moochi
The Adventures of Sky & Moochi
Sky & Moochi
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