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What We Stand For

Animal therapy, kids and dogs, book reading, pre-k for all, pre-k for all new york

The Adventures Of

Sky And Moochi

We help kids with reading.

Let me tell you how this book came to be. 
I wrote this book for my little niece Lara who adores Sky & Moochi. I shared this project idea with someone connected to publishing. Didn't think anything about it, but they were thrilled. I made my first draft, second, third, and finally, the book was ready. Full of hopes, I entered a meeting with a big publishing house. 

Let's say they loved the book being about Sky & Moochi. They tried to offer a terrible deal with owning the rights to a possible movie. This didn't make me mad. They saw the potential, and I was an unpublished author. What did get me mad was them telling me I have to dumb down the book. The reason? "Kids are dumb and don't want to learn to read or read in general. Plus, their parents don't want to read them bedtime stories."

I was horrified and didn't want to believe it. I knew it couldn't be true, asking myself what can I do about it. Then it hit me, self-publish the book. With the help of Kickstarter, I was able to print 250 books. By the way, we were their "Project we love." It was a lot of work, but once people start sending me feedback about the book and how much their kids love it. I knew I was right. Seeing photos of kids with giant smiles holding my book, reading it made me very happy.
But I wonder. Why do the big publishing houses are trying to keep the new generations stupid? Is it their laziness or fear of trying something new? 

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Animal therapy, kids and dogs, book reading, pre-k for all, pre-k for all new york

Kids all over the world want to learn how to read so they can read about fun adventures. We are trying to make it easier for them by donating our books to schools all over the world.

We even visit schools & PreK with Sky & Moochi. This visit helps kids feel more comfortable reading as well as teaches kids about interacting with dogs and responsibility.