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The Ideology behind our books


The reason WHY our books are different...

The Adventures of Sky & Moochi

The Adventures Of

Sky And Moochi

The reason WHY I started writing The Adventures of Sky & Moochi series is that I saw a missing section for young readers. Our book is designated to help kids practice reading, as it has a perfect amount of sentences per page. And that’s not all. Our Audiobook and Read along Video book are aslo designated to practice reading with Sky & Moochi.

The voice over artist for Sky & Moochi even share some good advice  and encouragement when making as mistake. 


I know kids' attention span nowadays is shorter, and they need more stimulation. This is why I add QR codes to the books. The QR codes connect readers with the dogs' newest adventures on Social media, even to short movies shot by Sky & Moochi. 

Creating main characters based on my Siberian Huskies excites the young readers even more as they can meet them at our readings.

About The Adventures of Sky & Moochi - Lost in the Woods

The Adventures of Sky & Moochi

In The Adventures of Sky & Moochi - Lost in the Woods,

kids learn about the importance of helping others, especially those in need, compassion, fast problem solving, the power of friendship, and showing your emotions when you feel sad is ok.


Kids even learn about the Statue of Liberty and where it comes from.

Photo gallery from our readings

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